The following is an example of an outdoor basketball court as an example to introduce the lighting patterns and lighting methods of the general outdoor basketball court lighting scheme:

Outdoor open-air stadium lighting, the way the venue is installed differently is not the same. The standard is to determine the standard of lighting according to the function of the course, which is roughly divided into the following levels:

Training and entertainment activities illuminance 120-300lx;

Amateur competition 300-500lx;

Professional competition 500-800lx;

General tv broadcast ≥ 1000lx;

Large-scale international competition HDTV broadcast 1400lx, tv emergency 750lx.

Outdoor basketball court lighting program one:

Lighting method: pole lighting on both sides of the court;

Number of lamps: 4 groups;

Each group configuration: 8m tapered steel pole + 2pcs400W metal halide floodlights;

Single-sided two-lamp spacing: 16 meters;

Average ground illumination of the stadium: 420Lux;

This program is mainly applicable to general basketball courts such as general training and entertainment competitions, such as community activity centers, factory basketball courts, and community.

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